Beyond the Skyline

by Kendall Swan

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When we were kids we used to go and play in the woods
My cousin Danny he would wander off if he could
Gave me a feeling in my deep gut, tried to brush it off but
Even at eleven I think I understood
The kid was looking for a world that he would never find
Trying to match the beauty that he saw in his mind
When he was looking for that divine kind, walking upon the fine line
Ghost in the blind side, couldn’t see but I tried
And when I would sleep over we’d stay up all night
Yea, on sleeping bags we’d talk of everything in sight
I would fall asleep with him awake and drift off to his voice ringing
Sitting in the dark, staring out the window, always singing

Beyond the skyline’s where I want to go
When this world has got me low
Where the neon in my spine lets my body glow
All my love it shows

Then we got older, he got bit by the bug
Danny went and got himself addicted to drugs
Conversations always mucked up, his eyes are always fucked up
I’d start to see his future just spun out on the rug
And he’d start to keep his door locked all of the time
Excuses now are coming out rehearsed and refined
Like “it’s only the second time. At the point it’s all benign.
Another way I can unwind. Recline, line, and feel sublime.”
I tried to call him out, said “Like I don’t know
You got this pain pumping through your blood that you won’t show"
And I was instantly cut off
For the things he’d cut up, his body would run off


Then one day I got the call from the back of my mind
With Danny’s mom crying on the other line
And I had no way to mask it at the open casket
Shattered like a stained glass cosmic design
And I can’t pick up the pieces to make sense of it all
I just stay awake at night and bang my head on the wall
Trying to tell myself that it wasn’t my fault
But then my head caterwauls and the time it just stalls
Back to when he would talk about his ideal world
Got the perfect binary, good and bad don’t swirl
I would roll my eyes and shut the door, now every night I’m looking for
The words I should have told him, maybe I could find them



released May 21, 2016
Written, recorded, and performed by Kendall Swan
Mixed by Wes Swan
Cover photo by Kendall (Kim helped with the text---thanks Kim)



all rights reserved


Kendall Swan Ledyard, Connecticut

Hi! I'm Kendall. I'm 23 and from Connecticut. I make all sorts of alternative/rock/pop music. I also put out Youtube covers sometimes. Thanks for visiting!

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