Exploding Greens

by Kendall Swan

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Recorded in Spring and Summer of 2012
Written and recorded by Kendall Swan
Mixed and Mastered by Wes Swan


released April 28, 2013

Thom Hyde - Drum Set (1, 4, 8) and Bass Guitar (5)
Duncan Maxwell - Bass Guitar (2, 10)
Olivia Klinikowski - Voice (1, 11)
Elliott Pillsbury - Flute (1, 2, 8)
Kendall Swan - All Guitars, All Pianos, All Keyboards, Vocals (1-12), Bass Guitar (1, 3, 4, 7, 8), and Drum Set (2, 3, 5, 7, 10)



all rights reserved


Kendall Swan Ledyard, Connecticut

Hi! I'm Kendall. I'm 23 and from Connecticut. I make all sorts of alternative/rock/pop music. I also put out Youtube covers sometimes. Thanks for visiting!

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Track Name: Dropped Off A Cloud
I hit the ground, I hit real hard
Dropped off a cloud, I fell so far
Now I'm laying on the ground
With all of my insides scattered around me
And I've think we've been fucked with
By some kind of mad scientist
In his grand experiment
Where change is the only constant
But now there is one less specimen
As you ascend into heaven
That's why I'm lying where I am;
Your movement I don't understand.

I watched the gun it flipped around
As the mind was turned upside down
Now every time you're safe and sound
Ricochet, then smack the ground
A lighthouse, maybe a love seat
Now bathroom wall philosophy
Try to discuss it openly
Oh no, but that just couldn't work.

Burn candles, hold hands to make sense
But I was not convinced
The album was that effective
Because it had one more song to give
So watch me hop this jagged fence
Into my state of virulence
Because you left me here to live
And that I can't forgive.
Track Name: City Song
I guess I never got why all of these people seem to run around
But I'm drinking coffee on the subway
They'll get right back onto this train and it will drive into the ground
These hollow rides just overlap with gray.

I think the reason I'm so down is because I keep trying to pretend
That I'm some guy with an armadillo hide
But by locking you all out I think I trapped myself inside
So I'm ready for this day to end.

I hope these lovers will not see me from a block behind
I'd hate to stumble into their peace of mind
Because it's getting hard enough to find a reason to stand
So how could I hold someone else?

But I know one hundred others wrote this song down too
Put your hand in mine and I'll stand with you.
Track Name: Five Lines
Five lines down on a book
I'm about to take a closer look
It's like playing cards, well what have I got?
I'll use my face to cut up the lot
I'll be thin as straw and hay
But at least I'll have a name
At least I'll have a name

Three lines down on a book
I don't feel bad about what I took
In fact, I don't feel anything at all
Give it an hour and it's all going to fall
I'll be fine, just one more time
I'm chasing what I had

One line down
Next thing I know, bright lights, white gowns
Everything went from white to grey
I've been smashing clocks all day.
Track Name: Dancing in the Snow
It's two o'clock in the morning
This house is warm but the warmth gets boring
I sit across the floor from you
You're shaking, you said you had the flu
This weather has made us go insane
So now I put the winter into my brain

Now that the shaking's cured
Let's take a walk while the snow's still pure
This still, white world is bliss to me
and the silence says a million things.

Then your loaded head
Led me down to the pond
To do a figure 8
But it's so thin, that ice
You said "well so is time."

I'll never go near that pond again
I say that now like I said it then
Because every time my eyes start to glow
It's just you dancing in the snow.
Track Name: The Boy at the Piano Bench
This house is quiet in the dead of night
The corridor is lit with candle light
Walk down and watch these portraits stare.
Scarlet sounds slither in my ear
And resonate, tragically sincere
Hollow and haunting.
A child is sitting at the piano bench
Ghosts swirl around him with his hands outstretched
But his eyes are fixed on the keys

And his songs don't ever cease
I despise his honesty
I even thought of naming him
His vortex of ghosts just pulls me in
It pulls me in

I'm going to burn this house down, I don't care
I want to feel these fucking glares
The shrieks will sound in euphony
And create my symphony.
Track Name: Tree On a Hill
Slowly I approach the tree, the grapes hang low, imploding greens
The Serpent will tantalize: "Squeeze the grapes, sip the wine."

The mouth will say "No, no," while the ears greet: "Hello"
Say on this hill it begins, but the blackness here exudes from within

The echo's the only sound, bounce between blue sky, green ground
Inform me "This is a dream. You'll wake up sound, so do as you please."

Then he slithered down that hole
I looked over to watch him go
Yea, I licked the fruit, then walked away
Pretend it's all okay, but it's not
So I'll clench up my fists to hide the fact that I can't wash these answers off.
Track Name: Filthy Hands
It's becoming more often now, the thought crawls into my brain
Wakes me in the middle of the night and I go walking in the rain
The doctor said to stay inside; the rain's going to make you sick
But I'm out here every night in my clothes
How much worse could it get?
Make sure the family's in bed, put on my shoes and slip out the door
To look for a place to rest because my legs are getting sore
Head through the creaking forest, it's untouched because it's black, it's not green
Push through the bushes to a shore that no one's ever seen

With purple water and a purple sky
The ocean has been crystalized
Yea, it looks as thin as ice
But I think I'll have to give it a try

So I walk for miles and miles, look over my shoulder, make sure I can't see land
Out on this crystal, purple water, in the middle there's a man
His pupils are too big like mine and they can taste any other's demise
But when our eyes connect they start to shrink in size
He carries a mirror and uses it to smash clocks that tick inside of chests
He looks so beautiful to me, and out of my mind flow the rest

Then out of his mouth comes music to me
It starts to rock me slowly to sleep
"The crystal is just as thin as can be
Take my hand, we'll smash and we'll swim under the sea."

"No, keep your filthy hands away from me
The tears you cry, they're gonna flood this sea
I'm going to tag you to these totem poles
You're not a part of me
A thousand tongues cut out to form my own
A thousand hearts cut out when names are carved in stone
And they should go in front, but this is what I want
Oh, it's just what I want
But it's not what you want
And you are what I want
So it's not what I want."
Track Name: Snowglobe
Lost in this storm but we are found
Like snowflakes falling towards the ground
So I'll dissolve to ether as you walk
Fading into white

Snow wiped the gloss off of our face
So I will stay here in this place
But don't you linger long
No, let your hand leave mine

Don't freeze our hands and your mind
It's poison.

As you choose who will leave a mark
They'll light the candle in the dark
So we'll stay here forever
Suspended in time.
Track Name: Stellar Sky
It's like a train of thought on a track that never ends
I try to fuck with it's course, but I always end up here again
You split your soul up and gave it to your friends
But you still take it out on the purple ocean
Some girl, a lover to love, or maybe just love the love
I watched you kiss her mouth and lick poison off her tongue
Who knew that winter could take the shape of a girl so young?
Pure snow that melts away and you wish that more would come

I spent every night last winter up in my room
Staring at nothing but the snow and the moon
But then the world exploded and my eyes are brand new
I see the hole in her arm, she'll hide the sun from you

How did I get down here at the bottom of the Nile?
With all these baby boys, they meld with a smile
They seem to see the purity preserved inside
Like Pharaoh and Jochebed were the ones that really died
Snap up, throw off the sheets, I'm just sweating in my bed
I've got to find a way to get this shit out of my head
Put on my shoes, hop on a train that's headed west
I see the sun coming up so maybe I can rest

But this train goes in circles, it always ends up back where it was
And I never recall the ride, just people getting off and on
This train's been thriving so I haven't slept in days
And when I think of getting off my body starts to shake

It just starts shaking like that night when the house burnt down
I sat crying in the ashes of my world burnt on the ground
Then Father turned his head towards the Stellar Sky
Saw the seasons all at once and just kissed this form goodbye.
Track Name: Cradle Song
She put the gown on in the office
Her tired eyes could barely open
The mob stood outside of the clinic
Like fifties tele, black and white
I tried to keep up with the Joneses
I read my bible every night
But then saw Jesus on the cross
The race was won, but there's no prize
Now they shout Lex Talionis
My words meet their's and create hammers
To smash the clock and the reason
Then dissolve somewhere in the middle
It dissolved in the middle

But no one wins inside this battle
My sword swings right in a circle
And it leaves all of us hurt
On the ground with our hands in the dirt

She put the clothes inside the trash bags
With the last few months
And with that newfound faith inside her
Like God, some face she'd never seen
Now she keeps walking on the ocean
To meet that man out in the middle
And I'm too drunk to go and stop her
This leaves no soft spots in the earth
And shouldn't we be holding hands
She'd make me smile, I'd help her stand
I'd take her outside in the springtime
Point out exploding greens of life
They explode, the greens of this life

But wouldn't you like to be in this?
To learn to talk and to be honest
It was a tripe, physical promise
That made the northern star look endless
So now I've trapped you in this song
My sad, poetic sing-along
I'll do my best to create art
As you migrate from the belly to the heart.
Track Name: Thanks
I keep on finding myself wandering down these roads
My body moves with time but my mind won't follow
They rebuilt the house, you know? That one on second street
It looks just the same but it still feels incomplete
I sat on the back porch and it took a couple hours to see
I never cared for this place, it was just the company

As they traded three words that I never learned to say
But now she's in the ground, I can say them now

So now I've got the seasons all laid out in front of me
And I appreciate the snow that brings forth exploding greens
Kid, I know you're scared of the winter and the way it sears your mind
Like when you said "What if we don't make it through this time?"
"Then we'll sit as flowers and watch the sun rise one million times
And then we'll do this all again."