Plant These Seeds

by Kendall Swan

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Recorded in December 2010- April 2011 at home.


released May 1, 2012

Written, recorded, and performed* by Kendall Swan

*Olivia Klinikowski - Vocals on 4 and 5
*Ryan Pollin - Bass on 5
*Elliott Pillsbury - Keyboard on 7
*Eric Bowles - Vocals on 6 and 9

Mixing: Wes Swan
Mastering: Aaron Christiansen
Cover art: Haily Cryan



all rights reserved


Kendall Swan Ledyard, Connecticut

Hi! I'm Kendall. I'm 23 and from Connecticut. I make all sorts of alternative/rock/pop music. I also put out Youtube covers sometimes. Thanks for visiting!

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Track Name: In the Garden
Wake up at 12:00am, that's when the day begins
A monster gets up and shakes my hand
What a suprise, it feels just like mine.
Now I sit here and start to doubt my eyes that print these labels out
And I'll try not to scream and shout with closed up ears and an open mouth
Because we are all under the influence
Of the poison in which we tread
To create this illusion of a universal concept that's completely in our heads.

I am on my floor again, feeling lines off a book I read
The neighbors they look down at me while I laugh at them from above
All this hate that goes between us is just so we can love
Water is cool and sooths my throat
"Water is cold and numbs my hands"
But if we're stuck out on a boat, it won't go anywhere on land.
I guess the only thing to do now is find fertile ground and plant a seed
Yeah, I know you want your's to grow into the sky.
So do I.
Track Name: I Met a Man Today
I met a man today
He rode a pale, pale horse and said: "Do you want to know what I know?"
He was the seventh to say
that when hats of ice cover up the shores, then the world will know what he knows.
And what I learned today
Will rattle in my head while saying "Oh my god, I hope the world doesn't know what I know."
The sky will fall tomorrow
My heart says "Who should I tell."
My brain says "You know you have to keep it to yourself."

My mouth was outmuscled
But my friend swore, he said "I won't tell a soul what I know."
And like the leaves crumble, so did the silence of my friend
It turns out the whole world knows what we know
And now the world is set on proving the horsemen wrong
They say "How much do they really know?"
All these hands trying to hold the sky up
But panic pulled it down
Tomorrow happened today
By dates the horsemen were wrong.
Track Name: A Horrible Solution
I saw the road in your eyes
And you weren't far from the sky.
She learns to speak while she is young
He becomes dependent on the tounge
So when he gives, what do they earn?
And what does he get in return?
How about this highway?
Now we can call it even.

Rain drops will fall out of the ground
Looking for a place that is safe and sound.
And though they tore it all apart
She said they all still have a heart.
What I'd give to know the cause
Follow your friends, just because.
Follow them down that highway
If you can't see another way

The boys will work while the men will play
Make friends with bugs everyday.
"I'm sorry sir but this pen has run dry."
He said "Ok, boy, toss in the fire if its use has expired."

To hear the world, to smell the burns, to feel the summer sky
But so far from water.
Then to get out and not to see, and not to know
it only gets hotter.

A tidal wave, a shock was sent out rumbling
Felt across the entire world.
The water has settled and the skies have cleared
But how are we supposed to get back to where we were?
Track Name: Melody for russel
Only mothers cry when a child gets lost out in the woods
And if a family dies, just make sure the price was good
I know father lies about the places that he has been
But why would he cut these ties just for paper that's so thin?

Some get tossed out in the sand
And they won't ever get back in.

Watch the son, he dies. He couldn't get over the wall
Stuck where the ocean meets the sky
These small laws sure feel tall
Hear the daughter sigh because she knows she has to tell
"It's the law," they cry
She sends her family back to hell.

Out in the streets they sing a song, and even god would sing along
And the words forever ring:
"Somos seres humanos."
Track Name: Potassium Chloride
Professor Plum put his glasses on, carefully examined the billiard ball
Peacock walked in as if she had just won, said "It was you with the wrech in the hall."
Scarlet drinks her wine, so taudry and cheap. She knows she has to keep her fingers up
We've all got real nice reputations to keep. If you blame, you won't get blamed, so that's enough.
Shooting left and right, all blanks, with your guns so the firing goes from dawn to dawn
As long as Uncle Sam keeps flogging for fun, we can all put our eyepatches on.

So drink, drink, drink your wine, untill your alive and feeling fine
Then take away my time, it's all that I can call mine
But what's important is that we punish someone.

Mrs. White goes to church every Sunday, she says, mow offering up the solution she found
"We have to take a life. I say we take his. We could say it was him with the knife in the lounge."
Green is in the study with a scournful frown, not helping much, just bitching
But when he finds the one, he swears he'll put him down and the he checks the secret passage to the kitchen
I guess it worked out for you this time, I mean you got the guy and he's dead
But if you think the method solves these crimes, how about next time you try using your head?

But the messengers are there and they are all self-declared.
They decide what's fair. As long as someone dies, who cares?
I guess that's just the new entertainment.
Track Name: Meeting the Mirage
I awoke in the desert much to my eyes
I'm a tear and I fell out of my father's eyes
The sand is rough but it's all there is.
A mirage in the distance made me sprout these feet
And run to a temple looking for water to drink
And wash out my eyes, Lift me back into the sky
I want to go back into the sky.

On the walls of the temple there were demons dressed in white
And babies drowing mothers, they hid behind the sunlight
They reached out for me and their faces stay inside my dreams.
I fell to my knees by the back temple wall where the gold face from the sky was standing so tall
And the gold it was paint and the paint was falling off
Yeah, the gold was never there at all.
Track Name: Saber
A man sat under a tree in the city where I stayed
As the cars drove by, they let out their gasses and chemicals
Some threw rocks, some even threw mountains
But the man stood up and said "This is where I'll be."
I saw you asleep last night against the pillars that we built
I felt the heat come straight out of your mouth
I rocked you, shook you, rolled you over untill you sat up and said
"Our problems are all what we make them out to be."
I'm going to take my clothes out west so they can dry out in the sun
Need to get away from these phonies and the mess that I have made
But I told them far too much and now I will feel alone
Because what I say is what I'm going to be.

When I wake up I feel perfect until I remember where I fell asleep
It was on a different side of me, a different side of you.

I'm going to find the city that is made completely out of white
And I'll feel until I find out that the buildings are plastic
While everybody seems to be okay, I am not
Because they drag me away from what I was meant to be.
When a tree stands above a man, his head begins to swell in size
The knowledge that he gains I can't begin to comprehend
But someone told me the only ones with problems seek them out
So they are exactly what they want to be.
I know that my words were meant to decieve everyone
But I only lie to the ones that I call wicked
And if we disagree, you are the one who is corrupt
Even if you know what love will always be.

Candle wax drips on my fingers and I don't feel a thing
That's what the cold has done to me. What has it done to you? Are you blue too?
Track Name: A poem I wrote at school one day
Little, little bird, fly into and endless sky
And I envy the strength you have to fly that high
You continue to flap you wings
Up, down, Up, down, down, down.
But now it's just instinct
Do you know where you are going?

So I call out to the bird flying so high
And I ask "What's the answer to the sky?"
I'm always asking why, why, why
So the bird perched on cloud and said something like this:
Track Name: Lifted From the Sand
So lost inside Ben's hands
All these lies get fed by spoon to the children who play in the grass
Now they can't find it on Earth, so they look on the moon.
It was made in seven days
Who knows how or why or when?
But the air, water, and the land are not here to get ruled by little boys and fat men.

Split into two and I left one side on the beach from which I grew.

But serpents never get picked up
They're left sitting, drunk as fuck
Just to fall into the sand and get buried once again
No, the cycle is never done
They don't have legs to run
So they stay inside my eyes
That's why they are so good at telling lies.

My head is filled up like a balloon
Any more and it might pop
But if the air was real, maybe I'd cry for the broken toys left on top.
Now I'm on the ocean floor
Down here the sand is always clean
And I hope no one ever finds me here
But now I'm waving my arms, I'm hoping to be seen.

I know what rubbed off on me, but it won't show on my face.
My heart resides in outer space.

But like the wind, I'll get cleaned off
And I will find what I lost
Wash the sand off me, my seashell body
Pick me up out of the sand
Take me to the water where you stand, so I can say that I've been found
And then get swallowed by the sound.
Track Name: On and On and...
My brother and I sat and talked about where we'd been, how it would end
The funny part was that we actually thought that it all happened.
These endless thoughts, they cloud my mind as if they all really were there
And we'll keep marching towards some type of substitute for air.
We climb our stairs to build our walls, we will fight to create gore
But it could turn out to be that the Earth was we're looking for.

But if we knew how it'd really been I think we'd tear apart the Earth and make our shadows all foreign.
Yea, we need this uncertainty, no marks
Because without it we would all be getting laughed at by the dark.

A mother, she sat down and told her son "When you are done, you are done."
And that was what she called the truth, as if she knew befor she was gone.
When we searched our maps and books, the answer was just a blur
Because the ones who made it up were just as hopeless as we were.
The stories made up are all the same, at least what they were made for
None of them offer solutions, they all just lock a door.

But I know that I haven't got a clue
The things we thought we knew, they were made up by me and you
My eyes see the answer in the ground
The grass, the dirt, the flowers, I think they used to make a sound.